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loofah shower sponge

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Cartoon Bath Mesh Pouf Sponge makes a luxurious lather with high quality cotton netting for ultimate bathing benefits. Cartoon Baths products are the best when it comes to mesh poufs. A bath pouf is the perfect accessory to add pampering and extra softness to your shower or tub.



How to Properly Exfoliate and Clean a Bath Sponge

The bath sponge is a great personal care product. I love using my bath sponge on my body and getting the results that I want. The main thing that people do not like about this product is the scent. It does have a very strong scent but you can cover this up by either applying a fragrance to it or by spraying it with a perfume.



Which Baby Sponge to Choose

There are many things to think about when it comes to using shower sponges for baby care. Most importantly, you want to make sure that you pick the right shower sponge for the right job. When it comes to baby bath soaps, there are two types of sponge that you can use.



Using Baby Bath Sponges on Your Child's Bottom Can Help Prevent the Development of Callous

After your child has grown out of the bath sponge stage, he or she will likely develop a callous on the side of their foot. This is most often seen in the heel region. Many parents are quick to get a new pair of shoes to replace the worn out pair.

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