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The shower ball has become more popular in recent years as many women have become more concerned about our environment. They have also realized they don't have the time to mop and scrub for that long awaited clean. When you get out of the shower, you don't want to feel like you left a scented body lotion on your wet skin.



Create Your Own Beauty Bath With Bath Balls

Bath balls are a fun and festive way to jazz up your bath area. Making bath balls is easy and inexpensive. Simply mix together equal parts tap water and rock salt, making a rock-hard ball. You can make different size balls by varying the salt concentration and adding different things to the mixture.



How to Create Fun Fizzy Bath Balls

A bath ball is a small compressed mix of dry and wet ingredients molded into any of a number of spherical shapes and then thoroughly dried upon contact with water.



Loofah Set

Loofah Bath Sponge - A Luxuriously Natural Bathing Product For All. The Loofah Bath Sponge is designed for hand washing or bathing, it is a great way to help the body cleanse itself by releasing toxins and impurities which otherwise remain trapped within the body.



Bath Bomb With Ring Attractive To Surprise Your Loved One On A Bathday

A bath ball has healing ingredients and essential oils to soothe the skin as you soak in the tub. You no longer need to worry about getting sunburned or the irritating itching of a wet bath. You can now take advantage of a relaxing bath with a luxurious bath ball.



How to Lose Weight With a Bath Bomb and DIY Body Powder Puff

Do you want a cheap and easy way to lose weight and tone your butt? If so, the DIY body puff is for you. The reason why this product is so awesome is because it's much more affordable than the average fitness equipment or boot camp, yet provides you with exactly the same results as its more expensive counterparts.

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